Efficient Research Paper Tips To Follow: How To Organize Work

Well, you could have written the best of the best research paper, but if you lack a well laid out paper, you may end up losing so many marks. Remember the bottom line of any research project in whichever level is to earn marks. All research papers are based on an hourglass structure. You begin with general information which narrows down to a specific topic as you continue. Meanwhile, here are some basic principles for organizing work in a research project.


The abstract gives the summary of the research paper contents. However, you should always keep it simple so as to create some suspense about the entire parts of the research paper.


For most students, the introduction part comes before all other parts of the paper. This is probably among the commonly made mistakes both at undergraduate and Master's program. There are three distinct parts that should occur in an introduction:

  1. The general idea of the research project

  2. The objectives of the research

  3. A statement of the writer's position


This part of the research paper is a run-down of the entire design. It is the easiest part of the project as it only requires the writer to explain the procedure they used to get their results.


The results part is the most variable part of any research paper. The accuracy of the entire work is reflected in the results. In case of quantitative results, it is presented in form of data and numerical values. On the other hand, qualitative data is presented in form of tabulation and graphs. It should only show the trends without giving deep details of the research work.


Discussion part contains the interpretation of data as well as a wide discussion of the findings of the report. Ideally, the discussion part should always be linked to the introduction part so that there is a flow. Every bit of the discussion should relate to the thesis of the paper.


The conclusion should be built on the discussion and the findings of the research. Always keep it simple and brief avoiding repetition of things you had included in the discussion.


The reference list plays a critical role in validating your work. No research project is complete without a list of the reference materials and all sources you used for your research. Always lay out your references following the MLA, APA style.